State Government

Health services such as Needle and Syringe Programs, National Immunisation Program Schedules, use Sharpsafe containers for its safe and secure design as well as ease of use. Mid-range sized containers like the 4 Litre container are ideal for residents who require chronic health management (such as diabetes), while the 13L and 24L containers are suitable for public health teams to set up onsite immunisation services.

Forensics Police, and Drug and Alcohol Units also utilise Sharpsafe containers whether it’s situated on lab benchtops or fitted into drug and alcohol testing vehicles. Sharpsafe’s internal flap and temporary closure system ensures waste is securely stored in the event of accidental spillage.

Public health and safety have become the highest priority since COVID-19. Sharpsafe Clinisafe cartons provide a reliably safe and efficient disposal method that is easily understood by the public for dedicated disposal of PPE waste. Correct disposal of PPE is critical in breaking the chain of infection and Sharpsafe containers are designed specifically for this.

4 Litre

24 Litre

Clinisafe Flatpack Carton



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