Clinisafe Flatpack Carton 25 Litre

Clinisafe cartons are lightweight and flatpack for efficient storage and transport, particularly for emergency and remote use.

COVID-19 has increased the volume of PPE use across Australia. Safe and secure disposal of PPE waste is vital in preventing the spread of infection.

Clinisafe cartons are pre-lined with integral polyethylene bag and ties for secure closure, and are traceable with barcodes for strict infection control.


25 Litre Flatpack Cartons – 10 units


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Capacity to fill line: 23 Litres
In use dimension: 267mm (L) x 267mm (W) x 370mm (H)
Gauge of inner plastic bag: 60 microns
Compliance: Complies with UN 3291 and NFX 30-507 standard

Flat pack dimension: 100mm x 534mm x 370mm (pack of 10)
Weight : 3.95kg (pack of 10)

Safe, Secure, Eco-Friendly, Light weight


  • Unique barcode for traceability ​
    All products contain a unique indentifier bar code which can allow single unit traceability.​​
  • Ultra light weight
    Lighter than traditional plastic containers, lowering transport costs and emissions.
  • Efficient storage
    Folds flat ready for use and stackable when full.​
  • Environmentally friendly
    Up to 74% is made from recycled cardboard
  • FSC approved material
    Made from sustainable forestry sources​



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